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Statter Recruitment is a leading international recruitment agency. We are active all over the world and do extensive headhunting in Europe, the United States and Asia. We have placed successful senior candidates in specialist roles around the world and have built a strong reputation over more than 10 years.

At Statter Recruitment we have a team of expert consultants with extensive knowledge of the international market. With this experience we can identify and attract the best candidates for your company. In today's world, which is highly competitive globally, you need to be one step ahead. Traditional expat recruitment requirements are changing. You are looking for qualified local staff and expats to build strong local teams. We are an expert international recruitment partner with experienced recruiters and a strong global network. Let us help you move your global business forward.

Stätter Recruitment, based in Amsterdam, is committed to helping its clients find the talent they need in developing countries. We recruit for permanent, qualified positions, focused on emerging markets. We recruit for a variety of professional experience, from specialists, management to senior executives and CEOs.

Main USPs:

  • As experts, we guide and advise our clients in the field of international recruitment
  • All our experts have more than 10 years of experience in recruitment
  • We provide leading knowledge on how to best recruit in the international market
  • We are not limited to certain regions and can therefore offer a truly global recruitment service

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