The labor market for highly qualified personnel is volatile. How do you quickly find a worthy replacement when an important employee leaves? In that case, many employers opt for Statter Recruitment. Together with you, we determine the right recruitment strategy. Our network is often decisive. Within a few weeks you will receive one or more suitable candidates for an interview. Why choose recruitment & selection via Statter Recruitment?

  • We have a strong network of experienced candidates
  • We mediate in every region of the Netherlands and also have extensive experience in international mediation
  • We mediate in various disciplines
  • We work on a 'No Cure No Pay' basis
  • We use an effective recruitment and selection process in 10 steps

Send us a short job description and we will contact you by telephone within one working day to discuss the possibilities. After the telephone contact you will receive a tailor-made offer and we will look for suitable candidates for you.

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