Phishing messages in the name of Stätter Recruitment are becoming increasingly common

vacancy fraud via social media

We have received several reports that phishing messages are being sent in the name of Stätter Recruitment via WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook. In addition to our name, our logo is also used. People are offered a job via foreign telephone numbers in both Dutch and English with the request for more information. Another number will then contact you to actually retrieve this information. We would like to emphasize that this is not the working method of Stätter Recruitment. 

what can you do about this?

Have you received a similar message? Report this to us and do not share personal data or sensitive information via WhatsApp, Telegram and/or Facebook. Block and report the phone number in question. For WhatsApp you can these steps follow for this. 

Have you shared personal data and/or other sensitive information? Then report it to the police. More information about this can be found on the police website.

checklist: this is how you recognize vacancies that actually come from Stätter Recruitment

  • You can always apply for a job at Stätter Recruitment via the official website of Stätter Recruitment, https://statterrecruitment.com
  • Stätter Recruitment employees do not use Telegram in their professional contacts.
  • Stätter Recruitment employees only use their business email accounts (@statterrecruitment.com or statter.nl), professional LinkedIn accounts, video calls and/or personal appointments to get in touch with talent during the recruitment process.
  • vacancies from Stätter Recruitment employees always contain an employment contract that is only sent to you from a business email account (@statterrecruitment.com or statter.nl).
  • Stätter Recruitment will only request your personal information via emails sent from official Stätter Recruitment email accounts (@statterrecruitment.com or statter.nl) if this is reasonably necessary for Stätter Recruitment to inquire about your suitability for a position that we acquire for a customer.

This way you protect yourself and prevent scams

  • don't respond to texts and calls from unknown numbers.
  • never transfer money to people you don't know or haven't met.
  • do not provide personal information such as your telephone number or bank account/credit card details. 
  • do not make bank transactions to Stätter Recruitment via social media. If you are unsure whether you have been contacted by a Stätter Recruitment employee or by a scammer, please end contact and report it via the contact form
  • write down as much information and images of the scammer as possible to share as evidence.  
  • If you receive suspected scam calls or fraudulent text messages, immediately report it to the relevant social media channel and to the police.

► And above all, if a job offer seems too good to be true, chances are it's a scam. Be alert to this.

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