R & S Model

Every vacancy is unique. As a result, every recruitment and selection procedure is also unique. Stätter Recruitment has a model that guarantees both care and flexibility. This model forms the basis for the customization that we use for all our assignments in consultation with our clients. Because we record the working method, the procedure steps and the time schedule with you in a plan of action, you know from the start where you stand and what results you can expect at what time. Our recruitment model consists of the following steps:

Step 1

Thorough job orientation: By investing time and attention in a thorough orientation on the job and your organization, we are able to provide you with a well thought out and well-founded advice on the most promising recruitment strategy.

Step 2

Job profile: For the search of the right candidates for your position, we start with the establishment of a desired job profile.

Step 3

File and OpenSearch: We seek candidates for you from our high quality candidate database (file search). This file allows us often to select some candidates that are suitable for the job. We also find within our extensive network suitable candidates for your job (OpenSearch). This gives you the exclusive opportunity to get in touch with candidates that are not (yet) active in the labor market. We inform potential candidates of course discrete.

Step 4

Ad Format: We advertise, preferably in appealing layout with your logo and the logo of Statter Recruitment. This provides a qualitative and quantitative improvement in the response. Candidates like to orient on the vacancy through an recruitment agency first and than at a later stage become acquainted with the organization. It may also be desirable in some cases that the search for new talent take place in silence. An anonymous recruitment advertising under the logo of Statter Recruitment can provide in that case a solution. Advice on the most effective media for the job is free and installation costs are usually lower by Stätter Recruitment.

Step 5

Pre-selection: The candidates we present to you, are always pre -screened by one of our recruitment specialists in a neutral environment. Our interviews are compact and focused, and result in an grounded assessment of the suitability of the candidate.

Step 6

Presentation: Suitable candidates will be using anonymous, but current CVs presented in a clear presentation. Because only the suitable candidates to submit saves you time. You decide which candidates to invite to the interview.

Step 7

We support, you decide: We advise and assist you in compiling selection and advisory committees. We prepare and personal consultations for the selection and offer you the opportunity to train the committee members

Step 8

Assessment: If an assessment is part of the selection Statter Recruitment can arrange this for you.

Step 9

Coaching: if desired Statter Recruitment offers a coaching program for your employees. Central to strengthening the professional practice through self-reflection on personal and working together.

Step 10

Evaluation / follow-up: Statter Recruitment has a solid quality programm. Between three to six months after the recruitment we look back with your new colleagues at the procedure, results and performance to date. Your valuable feedback and experience enable us to continuously work on our quality.

No cure No pay

The costs of recruitment and selection are calculated on the basis of a one-off fee. You pay a fixed amount afterwards, based on 'no cure no pay'. Should the candidate leave your organization, due to the recruitment and selection, Stätter Recruitment will look for a new candidate for you free of charge.
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