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Every job is unique. This makes each recruitment and selection process unique. Statter Recruitment has a model that ensures both care and flexibility. This model forms the basis for the customization that we offer all our contracts in consultation with the clients provide. Because we are in a plan the process, the procedural steps and timetable with you to capture from the outset you know where you stand and what results you can expect at any time. Our recruitment model consists of the following steps:

  1. Thorough job orientation: By investing time and attention in a thorough orientation on the job and your organization, we are able to offer you thoughtful and well-founded to advise on the most promising recruitment strategy.
  2. Job Profile: The search for the right candidates for your position, we start with the establishment of a desired job profile.
  3. File and OpenSearch: We seek candidates for you from our high quality candidate database (file search). This image gives us a number of candidates are often able to select suitable for the job. We also find within our extensive network for suitable candidates for your job (OpenSearch). This gives you the exclusive opportunity to get in touch with candidates that are not (yet) active in the labor market. We inform potential candidates of course discrete.
  4. Ad Format: We prefer to advertise in appealing layout with your logo and logo Stätter Recruitment. This provides a qualitative and quantitative improvement in the response. Candidates also like being able to first through an intermediary at a function to orient at a later stage to become acquainted with the organization. It may also be desirable in some cases the search for new talent to take place in silence. An anonymous recruitment advertising under the logo of Statter Recruitment can help. Advice on the most effective media for the job is free and the installation costs through Stätter Recruitment are generally lower for you
  5. Pre-selection: The candidates we present to you, is always a pre-selection interview in a neutral environment. These conversations are compact and purposeful and result in an informed assessment of the degree of suitability. Matching: In a job sharing is a matching position after the preselection. Through an extensive personality test (DISC) and we have the right skill match between two candidates. These matched candidates are invited for two conversations. During the first interview will be determined if it clicks between candidates. In the follow-up will be more substantive to discuss the vacancy and the practical arrangements.
  6. Presentation: Suitable candidates will be using anonymous, but current CVs presented in a clear presentation. Because only the suitable candidates to submit saves you time. You decide which candidates to invite to the interview.
  7. We support, you decide: We advise and support you in the selection and composition of advisory committees. We prepare and personal consultations for the selection and offer you the possibility to train the committee members
  8. Ongoing discussions with the candidates we present to ensure the procedure. In the discussion of the candidates get to choose one or more final candidates, so you can make the decision. Selection Skills Training: The internal selection (and advisory) process provides a desired Stätter Recruitment (mini-) selection skills workshop for members of the selectie-/adviescommissie (s). In this workshop, just before the selection interviews will take place at your organization, focuses on three topics: Selection Skills: basic principles when asking questions and assessing candidates. Working arrangements: who does what and how are the talks held? Alignment of objectives between selectors, what we want to achieve, how we measure it? Besides providing insight into and training in the use of selection tools, the workshop is the possibility of approximating a positive momentum and support for the candidate to attract increasing. Assessment: If an assessment is part of the selection Stätter Recruitment can arrange this for you.
  9. Coaching: Statter Recruitment offers a coaching program if appropriate for duopartners. Central to strengthening the professional practice through self-reflection on the personal and working together.
  10. Evaluation / aftercare: Statter Recruitment has a sound quality. Between three to six months after the appointment of the candidate, we look to you and the new colleagues back at the procedure, results and performance to date. Your valuable experience and feedback enable us to continuously work on our quality.

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